Commercial & Residential Tinting

Solar Gard® TrueVue™ For a clear view day or night

 Solar Gard®  TrueVue™  window film provides optimum clarity for stunning exterior views day and night. TrueVue offers you: •Protection from the sun’s damaging  ultraviolet rays •Rejects up to 82% of the total solar energy  to increase your comfort •Reduces both the cost of air conditioning  and your carbon footprint •Controls hot spots and uneven  temperature zones •Reduces glare by up to 94% •Helps to increase your interior  daytime privacy TrueVue comes in four different shades, 5, 15, 30 and 40: •Provides you with a choice in visual  appearance and solar performance TrueVue is made by one of the world’s leading window film manufacturers in quality and performance. It comes with a limited lifetime residential or a 10 year commercial warranty 

 TrueVue features and benefits: Low internal and external reflection • Provides you with superior external views day or night Solar heat protection • Decreases energy costs by reducing the need for air conditioning • Improves comfort • Reduces hotspots Warm rich tone • Significantly reduces glare • Gives glass a pleasing neutral appearance Blocks up to 99% of UV • Protects expensive artwork, precious antiques, retail merchandise,  carpets, flooring and furniture from damaging UV rays • Protects against premature aging and skin cancer Limited lifetime residential and 10 year commercial warranty • Guarantees you a minimum length of service 

Commercial & Residential Tinting

Stainless Steel


The Solar Gard Stainless Steel series is a widely accepted solar-solution for buildings around the globe. These films are grey-toned with a low reflective quality that makes them a natural complement to most interior and exterior color schemes. The stainless steel metal, laminating adhesives and scratch-resistant coating used in this film series provide high performance, durability and longevity – making it the preferred choice of many of our customers.